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Hello my lovelies, I hope you're all well

Lately I've been loving seeing side tables in a space, usually the coffee table tends to be a main focus of a room but side tables are a great piece for various rooms in the home,

they're a perfect addition next to your sofa, in a hallway, bedroom even a bathroom

These flexible pieces of furniture offer a place to set a drink, add a lamp or vase, provide storage and depending on the style of the table, as an extra seat.

Even if your side table isn’t front and center or is tucked away next to you sofa, it’s still worth taking the time to style it like you would your coffee table or any other part of your home to create a balanced space that also reflects your style.

Plant or Vase

Put your favorite vase or bouquet of real or faux flowers on display


Add accent lighting while displaying a gorgeous lamp that brings a touch of colour or texture to your space.

Books & Magazines

Add one of your favorite books or a magazines and you can even stack them,

if opting for books try adding 3 together, try to add books that are different color's but colors that compliment each other like brown, white and natural.

Favorite Decor

Put your favorite things on display, coral, trinket box, photo of a loved one, ornament, add a touch of your personality and style.


Add one of your favorite scented candles or a reed diffuser to add instant ambiance.

The key to adding your style and personality to your home is minimizing clutter. A tip for keeping your home clean and clutter free is using an attractive basket or decorative box to collect the bits and bobs that way you can keep remotes and reading glasses tucked away while you aren’t using them.




Corrigan Studio Coweta Side Table |








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