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Stocking filler ideas

Hey my lovelies thank you for coming back

so as you can see from the title today's blog is stocking filler ideas, so this post is going to be gift ideas but on a budget because even though its the most wonderful time of year its also the most expensive and if you've got a big family to buy for you cant afford to be splurging out on gifts.

So lets get started

So firstly if you don't already have one or wanted to get a new one there are some beautiful stockings available now, available in a range of colour's, it doesn't just have to be the traditional red anymore, me personally i love the classy white & black ones and you can even get personalized ones too I will list some links below.

There are so many great gift ideas that will definitely work within a budget

so without rambling and getting carried away as per usual lol i shall dive right in.

So I will start off the ideas for HER

Fluffy Socks

So during the winter months we all love to feel warm and cozy, and i personally think we love cozy slippers or fleecy socks because they're just super cozy and soft, you can pick these up from various places, PRIMARK, RIVERISLAND, B&M'S, NEXT ect.


I love finding combi gifts, & B & M's have a beautiful candle & socks gift which is definitely 2 things woman love.

Body Wash Set

Christmas can be a stressful, busy time of year so treat her to a relaxing pamper set.

Wine & Chocolate

Christmas is a time to spoil yourself, eat & drink and enjoy your time off work with the family.

A perfect gift for her to lay on the sofa or in the bath, pop open the bottle of wine & chocolates & relax.


We woman love our perfume, we can never have too many, I personally love to save my favorite ones for the weekend, but i also love to smell nice during the week, and ZARA have some beautiful perfumes that are so inexpensive, I think I have about 5 perfumes from there that I like to mix up during the week and i'm not worried of running out because they're only £12.99 for 100ml.

Hot Chocolate Set

Who doesn't love a hot chocolate, relaxed by the fire watching a christmas movie.

And its another combi present which is even better, hot chocolate mix, mug and hot water bottle.

Face Masks

No matter your age its always good to look after your skin, there are so many different ones, anti-aging, brightening, for oily, dry and combination skin, ones for breakout prone skin which i am forever reaching for. There something about spending a morning or evening looking after your skin and giving your skin the full TLC.


For those who love to be organised you cant beat a nice diary.

I personally love mine, i always buy one every year, only problem is thee are so many cute designs i can never choose which one to buy lol.

So that is HER stocking all done

So now moving onto HIS stocking, now i find men are really hard to shop for unless you know them really well or they have loads of interests or hobbies

I feel like you cant get them as many little bits like you can for us females lol but I have found some bits that I feel are a win.

Socks & Mug

B&M have so many combo gifts atm, they have a sock and mug set, & men always need socks and you can never have enough mugs, i have an obsession with mugs, my cupboard is full of them lol.

Grooming Kit

For the man in your life who loves to keep himself well groomed, you cant go wrong with this gift set.

Card Game

What guy doesn't love a card game to play with family and friends with a few beers.


You cant go wrong with chocolates, so many varieties, chocolate liqueur's are always a good idea for men.


You cant go wrong with aftershave, plus you can always pick the ones you like the smell off

& ZARA are so inexpensive for perfumes & aftershaves.

Travel Mug Set

I love having a coffee on a morning especially before work, and i think men definitely need a coffee before work more than woman......sorry guys lol so for when your man is in a rush on a morning & he needs fuel for the day ahead he can easily have is coffee on his way to work.

Shower Set

Men always need shower gel as they use loads when they shower, I know my other half always uses too much haha so you can never go wrong with a body wash set .

Engraved Keyring

You cant beat a personal touch on a gift & there are so many, but if your man i'snt a fan of jewelry, you cant go wrong with a personalized keyring to always carry with him.

So that's it for my christmas gift guide, I hope it was helpful and gave you some ideas

My next post will be gift wrap ideas , I just love being creative & trying out new styles & i have loads of beautiful ideas I've come across which i hope you'll love,

so I hope you'll head over to my blog this Sunday evening for the next post.

I hope you you all have an amazing week & thank you for checking out my blog.

Emma x

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