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stay at home picks

Hey my lovelies, I hope you're all doing well during lock down, when all this started

I thought to myself at the start of lock down i'll probably save loads of money......boy was I wrong, I think I've spent way more money during lock.....whoops!!!! haha

I thought i'd share with you guys some of the things i'm loving atm

so let's get into it.

**disclaimer - this post isn't sponsored**

Bodytop -

I absolutely love wearing body tops as a layering piece, also I can go braless aswell

I cant remember the last time I wore a bra, it actually feels so much better

Hair Mask -

Love this stuff, I picked this up when I ran out of my usual Neal Wolf Harmony conditioner, speaking of which I need to order some more of that haha

I always run out of conditioner before shampoo, I actually applaud the woman that finish both shampoo & conditioner at the same time because I certainly cant.

Joggers -

I was never keen on wearing joggers as I could never quite work the casual look, but its not that bad tbh, paired with a body top and some cute slippers and i'm all for it now.

Candle -

I think I have a candle addiction haha, candles everywhere in the house, I'm forever buying candles atm, I just love relaxing on an evening watching netflix, glass of gin or a cup of tea and light the candles, it just makes me feel so much better.

Perfume -

I'm a sucker for perfume, but these days even a 25ml will set you back £40-£50 at least and that's not for me, especially the way I go through perfume

So i'm loving that the high streets are doing their own perfumes now

Zara, Primark, Next, Riverisland, Newlook ect

they all do lovely perfumes and aftershaves

and you cant go wrong with Zara £.9.00 - £12.99 for a 200ml perfume

like seriously what a great price is that.

Book -

Absolutely love this book, so much inspiration it's like my little Bible and for anyone who knows me, knows how obsessed I am with an all black outfit, although Lately I've been good, I'm trying to expand my colour pallete which is going rather well.

Scrunchies -

Oh My God..... silk or velvet scrunchies are a must guys, like honestly for anyone that doesn't know this yet I cannot stress this enough, those nasty elasticated bobble hair ties we all know too well, those are just horrendous for our hair ladies, but these babies are a god send, they really take care of your hair, don't leave kinks and don't pull on your hair or cause split ends

honestly if you haven't tried them out yet then you need to, it will make such a difference and you can pick them up in pretty much any fashion retailer now.

Slippers -

Oh I do love a good pair of slippers and almost every time I go in shops or in recent cases online I always have a sneaky look at slippers, I think I have about 6 or 7 pairs

and what seems to be on trend atm are the cross over slippers which I think are absolutely beautiful.

That's all for now my lovelies, I hope you liked my stay at home picks

Stay safe

Em x

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