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new Perfume collection

Hey my lovelies, thank you for coming back

I hope you're all well

I thought i'd share with you some new perfumes I treated myself to from Zara

I always like to have a good selection of perfumes on hand but perfumes these days are so expensive, usually you're spending £40-£50 on a small 25ml which I think is a bit extreme these days, the prices of perfumes has definitely gone up in recent years

which is why i am so glad some fashion high street stores are selling their own,

I've come across some stores like New Look and Next but I will defiantly say Zara wins hands down you can get 200ml from £9.99 to £18.99 and they smell absolutely amazing and the bottles and packaging is just beautiful, now don't get me wrong i will treat myself once a year to my all time favorite Flowerbomb by Victor Rolf and use it on special occasions but I will always reach for my Zara perfumes.

Wonder Rose

Such a delicate fruity smell, perfect for spritzing on for the day time.


My favorite one so far, it smells so beautiful and I always reach for this one when i'm getting ready on a morning.

Violet Blossom

This one is my second favorite, smells perfect for the evening time.

Oriental Intense

I mean how cute is this bottle guys, it contains notes of black coffee, jasmine and white chocolate, 3 things I love.

These will certainty last me a while but I think I will be buying more, because just like shoes and bags you can never have too many.

So if you guys fancy treating yourself to some new perfume without spending a fortune, defiantly check out Zara.

Em x

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