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my skin care routine

I have always struggled with my skin growing up, as I never knew what worked for my skin and forever using the wrong products and I also suffered from rosacea.

As I got into my mid to late 20’s I started to find the right products for me, I no longer suffer from rosacea and thank the gods I finally have clear heathy skin, of course I still get the occasional unwanted guest when mother nature comes to visit… I mean who invited you!!!


Cyclax Apricot Facial Scrub

I use a hot damp flannel to open up my pores

Followed by my facial scrub ( I use this daily) I know you’re not supposed to exfoliate everyday but the product is gentle enough for everyday and I do suffer from a very oily t-zone so I find it really helps.

Afterwards I wash off the scrub with a warm-hot damp flannel as we still want to keep the pores open.

I then follow on with

Inecto Coconut Moisture Cream

(which I use as a cleanser)

With my No7 electric facial cleanser

I do this for about 2-3 minutes all over my face and honestly my face feels super soft afterwards

I use a cold damp flannel to dab off any excess, but I don’t rub my face, just blot the excess product off. You want to use a cold water to close your pores and keep all the goodness in.

Derma V10 Anti-Wrinkle Cream

I use …. moisturiser as it’s never too early to start using anti-wrinkle cream Plus it makes a good base for your make-up.

If my skin is in need of a little extra moisture, I use skin drink from Lush

It is super moisturising and leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated all day and leaves a little glow to your skin which Is a nice touch if you’re having a makeup-up free day.

And lastly, I use

Pure Cucumber Eye Roll On

I just do 2 strokes under each eye and dab gently upwards with my ring finger

This is good for making your eyes seems more awake if you’ve had a late night and to make your eyes appear brighter and tighter.


Lush Ocean Salt Scrub

I just love this, it can be used on the face and body

I just use this weekly when I feel my face needs a really good scrub.

This little beauty smells amazing and contains sea salt, Avocado butter, coconut oil and seaweed which is perfect for getting rid of the excess oil and leaving your skin feeling soft, brighter and tighter.

Lush Cosmic Warrior Face Mask

I love this stuff, especially after a long stressful week at work.

It helps with those pesky break outs and cleanses the skin and is also super cooling

(especially because it stays in the fridge).

It contains Garlic, Grapes, Honey and tea tree A Perfect Combination.

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