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Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Hello everyone, welcome back

sorry I didn't get chance to blog last weekend, I had so many things going on, I had my first blog event last weekend as well, which i'll be doing a post on.

so I thought i'd do a post on my favorite bloggers, there are so many I love but there are a select few I definitely think need mentioning.

Nadia Anya

What an absolute queen she is

She mix's high street with designer

looks incredible in everything, she is my idol, if I ever buy a piece of clothing I always look to see how Nadia would wear it,

Laura Rodway

My beautiful friend Laura

Laura started following me on insta a while ago, and we connected & became friends due to our similar interested and passion for fashion, she takes amazing photos, she has a beautiful little poochie & shes such a lovely down to earth person.

sadly she lives in Seattle but I hope one day we'll be able to meet.

Lorna Luxe

Those shots though, beautiful feed and outfits, and great poses for showcasing those outfits, she even has her own clothing line which is just beautiful ad super affordable.

Gav Toner

Stylish family man, i always see his stories & posts working with companies and going to events, his shots always look fantastic and effortless, it's nice seeing guys getting more into this kind of industry.

Sally Hildi

That feed though, and those outfits

I just love the background on these photos they look beautiful , but dont take anything away from the outfits.


I just love that house decor, so clean and fresh and of course her dog... hes so handsome.

I would love for my home to be as stylish and well put together like that and of course having a fur baby.

Lydia Millen-Gordan

Oh to have her closet

Lydia and her husbands house is beautiful also. The companies she works with and the places shes been able to go from working with those companies would be a dream come true.

Gemma Louse Miles

Love her feed, great outfits, she always looks like she's enjoying life, always giving me inspo for my pamper evenings & I love seeing new her home come together.


That closet though and that feed, so fresh and clean with the focus on the outfits, definitely found some more outfit inspiration.

Amy Rose Walker

Love her feed and videos, i especially love her videos finding hidden gems in home bargins, b&m, pondlound ect and adding them to the home and creating a modern chic and glam style for less.

Emma x

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