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make the most of your wardrobe space

Not all of us have the option of a spare room as a walk in closet so when you have limited space what can we do with such a small area whilst still being able to create a beautiful dressing area??”

Apartments, bungalows & cottages they all have the same thing in common: very limited closet space.

A small closet can work for you, but it might involve a bit more planning & organizing than you’re used to, especially if you’ve recently downsized in the size of your property or you and the other half have had to give up the spare room for an exciting new addition to the family

So before you panic about all the clothes you have and all the shoes.....OH SO MANY SHOES!!!!! Don't fret because what ever shape or size space you have you can always make the most out of what you have and use every bit of space.

A few things before you can get started

1. A clear out is always good, you may have items you don't wear anymore so if you don't love it *donate it or sell it*

2. You may have items you never loved but cant bring yourself to throw it away, i always find its really helpful to look up some outfit ideas in pinterest, i have gotten so many new style ideas for items i haven't worn in years or never worn #guilty ..... and Voila!!!!! A NEW OUTFIT

you're welcome x

3. look at the space you have to work with, look at the clothes you have

do you want to keep it basic?

a section for shoes and bags

jeans hung up and top and coats together


have a place for everything? and I mean everything.....

from your jeans to your your cute silky pj's down to your belts

4. Last and most important colour?......

what colour scheme are you going for?

do you want the

fresh, clean white finish?

dark oak finish?


bold and lots of colour

the choice is yours

once you've got the colour and design idea's in hand

its time to plan and measure up

whether you're breaking the piggy bank and having it all sorted with sharps or ikea

or saving on the spend and doing it yourself that bits up to you

but if you opt to do it yourself be sure to double check the measurements.

check out youtube for more hints and tips on doing this

and pinterest for lots of ideas

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