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I moved

Hello my lovelies thank you for coming back, I hope you're all well.

So there's been a big change with me during lockdown..........


so I've moved from Leeds to Kidderminster.

Since the lockdown started in March and I had been furloughed and I had been staying with my partner who lives down in Kidderminster,

The plan was to move down here at some point this year, but we had become so settled the past 3 months, we had been doing up the house getting it looking how we wanted it seen as we had so much time on our hands.

So at the end of May I was advised that work would reopen soon, I was glad to be able to work again, it would be a nice change but at the same time my heart sank, knowing i'd be 3 hours away from Ryan and away for 4 days, even though 4 days isn't a lot, but we had been around each other constantly over the past few months we had become settled with everything......It was at that point we made the decision to make the move now, what would be the point in returning?? only to move a month or so later??

So the following day I called my manager, and he gave me the best advice he always gave us... DO WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU AND MAKES YOU HAPPY.....DON'T THINK ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE

So that afternoon I emailed him my resignation and that was it.

I didn't even feel scared or nervous, it all just felt normal ( going back to Leeds wouldn't have felt normal).

A few days later we rented a van and drove up to Leeds to get the rest of my things

which by the way took longer than expected) haha

And there was me thinking oh it's just the rest of my clothes, bedside tables and a set of drawers ect

**oh hell no it took a good few hours**

it's the little decor bits and bobs that take up more time than anything else

unloading the van was rather quick and easy but it took a good week to unpack and put things away but we got there in the end and it gave me time to get rid of bits i wouldn't use or wear anymore..... no doubt leaving room to buy more things haha.

so that's it.....the big change during lock down and I couldn't be happier

be sure to check out my Instagram page where i'll be posting home stuff also.

Em x

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