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h&m get autumn ready

Hello my lovelies, I hope you're all well

I dont know about you but I am so ready for autumn, I feel like we've not really had a summer and as much as I love the heat, I feel autumn is my favorite fashion season in terms of the effortless Chic pieces and what I feel the most confident it.

I thought I would share with you some pieces I am loving atm from H&M

i'll be heading to the big H&M store in leeds next weekend, so i'm hoping to pick up some of the bits i've come across online.

The shacket

The Shacket is making a comeback again this year, more and more retailers are selling these, available in a variety of fabrics, colour's and patters, but of course I will always opt for my neutral and plain designs

Over the Knee boots

Over the knee boots, yet another popular item back again this year, over the knee boots, I haven't purchased any myself yet but I've had my eyes on them for a while now and I'm thinking of trying them out,

last year there we're available in black, cream and Khaki but other retailers have released some vary colorful pastel colors this year, although to me they look more like actual wellie boots than actual smart boots, but each to their own, I think I'll defiantly stick to my neutral comfort zone.

The Biker boots

The biker boots that are seen year in and year out, I cannot see these going out anytime soon, there are so many variations, any shoe retailer will have these, available in various colour's, simple designs, ones with buckles, flat version, heeled versions, sleek, chunky, there are so many options so no matter what your style you'll definitely find the perfect pair.

The Long Belted Coat

The long belted coat perfect for those autumn and winter months, minus the rainy days of course unless you opt for a waterproof fabric or leather one, these coats are perfect for adding to an outfit, as a coat doesn't need to cover your outfit it can also be part of your outfit, and you can even choose to use the belt already on the coat or opt for adding your own leather belt, with a cold detail which would look beautiful and also making it your own.

The Oversized Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is a classic wardrobe stable and has been around for years and years, and I dont see that changing, these beauties are such a versatile piece and will carry you through the seasons, available from most retails and available in the classic style, oversized, real leather, faux leather, collarless, with buckles and many more.

Black Skinny Jeans

The black skinny jeans, another wardrobe stable that will carry you through the seasons, so versatile and you can literally pick these up from any fashion retail store.

The Leather leggings

The leather leggings, a definite must have and another item needed in your closet, these babies can make such a difference to your any outfit and also available in various different styles, from wet look to matte finish, leggings, trousers, with buckles and different textures, I have lost count how many pairs of leathers leggings and trousers I own.

The Little Black Dress

The little black dress comes in many forms, whether it be for something formal, casual, smart or classy, and I love this particular black dress as it can be worn with sandals during the summer of course and also with trainers and biker boots, pair it with a leather jacket and you're good to go.

Ribbed Jumpers

Ribbed tops and fine knits are another needed wardrobe basic, I love pairing the textures, leather trousers with a cream or white ribbed fine knit and throw on some gold jewelry, so simple and really brings and outfit together.


Belts are not just to hold up your trousers or cinch them in at the waist, they also add to an outfit and also add a beautiful finishing touch, you can use them on your trousers and add them over a blazer or coat, which I think makes a beautiful personal touch.

that's it for now my lovelies, I hope you've all had a fantastic weekend and enjoyed this post, there is more to come over the next few weeks, if there is any particular posts or brands you'd like to see then get in touch with me over on my Instagram

Em x

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