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creating a neutral cozy home

Hello my Lovelies, I hope you're all staying warm and cozy during these colder days we're experiencing.

I for one absolutely love a neutral home, its not too clean or clinical looking, and it's also very calming and inviting so I thought I would share with you some hints and tips on creating a neutral home but still being able to add some warmth to it.

  1. Textures

You can incorporate textures with cushions, rugs, wall art, lamps, and coffee table books, doing this will really bring a room together nicely

2. Warmth

In order to create a balance between the neutral tones and warmth you can add pieces that have warm finishes like a chair, rattan trays, picture frames, soft furnishings such as a throw or cushions but you don't want to over do it, it's best to add touches of warmth along side your neutral tones that way it's not over powering.

3. Contrast

I love adding touches of black throughout the house, this could be a black ceiling light, vase's, photo frames, a black trim staircase, adding touches of this throughout your home alongside the rest of the neutral theme will really bring the rooms together, another great ideas is to add real or faux plants which will really finish everything off nicely.

I hope you enjoyed these hints and tips my lovelies, I'm definitely wanting to do more helpful guides and inspiration for home interiors as it is something I am really passionate about, next post will be on styling a coffee table.

Em x

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