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Christmas gift wrap ideas

Hey guys welcome to this weeks blog and thank you for coming back

So for this week as you can see from the title is GIFT WRAP IDEAS

I have a tradition every year at Christmas where i like to do different themes

one year it was tartan, another year it was silver & gold

this year i found so many different styles i loved that i couldn't pick just one.

I wanted to keep it simple and classy but still festive and these styles and tips can be incorporated into any gift whether it be Christmas, birthdays, valentines ect

Brown Paper

I am loving the brown paper theme atm

so simple and inexpensive and you can decorate it so many ways.

Black Paper

I just adore the matt black look, its so classy.

Red Paper

You've got to love red, its romantic and festive.

White paper

Crisp, clean and a blank canvas perfect for adding any colour or style of trimming.

I just love all these styles, defiantly classy and unique and it will certainly stand out under the tree this year & you can use these designs all year round.

That's it for this weeks post, short & sweet this time lol

as always thank you for checking out this week's post

I hope you head over again this Sunday for Christmas day outfits ideas.

Emma x

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