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A/w footwear

Hello everybody, I hope you're safe and well.

I thought I would share with you a variety of footwear that I think is essential for A/W but will also keep you looking stylish and will also carry you through the seasons.

Doc Martens

These beauties are great paired with skinny jeans, leather leggings or a dress/skirt, perfect all year round minus those scorching days of course and they're available in various styles, colour's and they do fur lined ones perfect for A/W.

Over The Knee Boots

Perfect to wear with jeans, I personally love these teamed with knitted dresses and skirts.

you can get suede or leather ones but if you opt for suede

Just avoid the heavy rain and snowy days.

Pointy Toe Ankle Boots

Pointy toe & a sock boot in one, I've always loved the shoes with a pointy front as apposed to the square our rounded toe but I always find the heel is either flat which looks silly on me or I find the heel is too high and thin which isnt for me as I cannot walk in thin heels but these babies are perfect, a small heel which I could walk in.

I love to team these up with some super skinny black jeans and a white tee.

Statement Boots

Speaking of those super high thin heels, I could never walk in these. DEVASTATED!! I adore these boots, they're an absolute statement but I could never walk in these. These would look gorgeous with skinny jeans, leather trousers or a maxi side slit skirt.

Biker Boots

I always loved the look of biker boots but I never thought they'd suite me, but now I love them, I find myself reaching for them especially for those rainy days. There's so much variety, simple styles, studded, ones with pearls or chains. I love to style these with light blue skinny jeans.


I never thought I would ever wear trainers, I used to live in ankle boots and heels, walk around for hours shopping but one day I styled an all black outfit with some white trainers and I haven't looked back since, I own more trainers than my boots and I keep buying more. I love styling them with leather leggings and a blazer. I would definitely say for those heavy rainy days opt for those leather trainers or basic canvas ones as they wash really well.


And last but not least the Wellingtons, which comes in handy for those snowy days, heavy rain or muddy walks (all year round), style with skinny jeans, a knitted dress or a skirt.

Thank you my lovelies for checking out my latest post, I hope you found in helpful :)

There's more posts to come on my Instagram and my blog.

Em x

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